Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge!

So I just saw this pop up on my Goodreads feed and I thought – why not?! Who doesn’t want to add yet another book challenge to their list? LOL 🙂

From Goodreads:

This summer, take your 2018 Reading Challenge to the next level! We asked Lori Hettler, the founder and moderator of The Next Best Book Club, to create two exclusive summer reading challenges just for you. She’s also sharing her favorite indie reads and spilling her secrets on how to run a successful book club. You can download a PDF of the challenges here. Happy reading!

There are two levels: beginner and advanced. I’m going to just shoot for the beginner level this time. Anyone else want to do this with me? I’ll probably check in a few times through June & July and then give my end of summer “results” at the end of August.

Also taking book suggestions now! Anyone have any book ideas for any of these tasks??




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