Listen to Your Heart – Kasie West

“I wanted my advice to help others, too. Do you honestly want guys just walking around kissing all the girls they like if the girls aren’t into them? I just saved all of girl-manity.”

Kasie West is one of those authors that I just automatically read. Her stories are cute –  complete YA contemporary fluff and for the most part, I can read them in an afternoon.

Recently she has started producing books too quickly. She is certainly not short of ideas & it seems like she is checking romance troupe after romance troupe off of a list I’m sure she has hidden somewhere in her office. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this might be the third books of hers I’ve read in the last 12 months. And with that, unfortunately, the last couple have not impressed me – too formulaic; too predictable.

I was seriously considering bumping West down a notch and not automatically getting her books anymore & then I read Listen to Your Heart. Yes! What a breath of fresh air. 🙂 Now, I’m not going to say this novel was fantastic, but I finally started to see the Kasie West I fell in love with way back when I read The Distance Between Us.

Right of the bat, Listen to Your Heart was a cute and pretty original concept. High school senior, Kate Bailey, is unexpectedly chosen to be one of the hosts of her high school’s podcast. With a sort of casual advice-column theme, her job is to take calls and give advice to her mostly anonymous classmates. When a guy calls in asking for dating advice, Kate is pretty sure it is her best friend’s crush, Diego. And while she is giving him advice to wooing her best friend, she starts to develop feelings for him herself.

As with any YA romance, of course the girl and the boy are going to get together in the end, but it is nice sometimes to not know exactly how everything is going to happen 50 pages into the book. West had a few surprises for me in this one which was so refreshing. I also really liked Kate and Diego. I loved how their friendship developed. I loved their families, especially Kate’s. And thank you Kasie West for some down to earth nice parents! Also, one of Kasie West’s specialties is sarcastic heroines and she didn’t let me down on that front.

That school day I got to witness three more people being asked to the Fall Festival. I was relieved that I made it to my last period without permanently damaging my eyes with all the rolling they’d done.

This won’t make any best of lists but Listen to Your Heart is pretty darn cute. I recommend to anyone who has a free afternoon and a soft spot for fluffy YA contemporary.

3.5 Spades

3.5 spades

6 thoughts on “Listen to Your Heart – Kasie West

  1. I used to be such a fan of Kasie West (& fangirled a lot, when she replied to my message once), but I feel like I may have grown out of her cutesy, fluffy romances. Maybe I should give her more recent releases a chance, though … hmm.

    Great review, Becky! 🙂

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    1. I can TOTALLY see out growing Kasie West! Her work is pretty young even for YA but I can appreciate disconnecting for a few hours and not having to take anything too seriously 🙂 If you’re going to try again, I think this is her best recent book. If you don’t like this one, maybe just shelf Kasie West for good?? Thanks Lily!! ❤

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