Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Have Immediate Plans to Finish

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Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Okay, never say never, but life is too short to read books that you aren’t crazy excited about.  Am I right?? Not to mention if you’ve seen the state of my TBR (that grows weekly!), there are just some series out there that I’ve started and probably won’t keep going with. In some instances, I’d actually like to read more, but I’m not seeing that happen.

What do you think?? Are there any on here that I should reconsider?

Series I’d Actually Like to Eventually, One Day,  Continue Reading but I Just Don’t See That Happening Anytime Soon:



Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant

The second book in this fantastic series about the Borgias came out last year. I really liked Blood & Beauty but it was DENSE and took me a while to get through. I also read this one back in 2013 so I’ve forgotten too much. I know this will require a re-read and I’m just not up for it.






Crowther & Westerman by Imogen Robertson

There are 5 books in this series and I read the first two in quick succession and then just stopped. They are pretty decent historical murder mysteries & I’ve even read that the series just continues to get better and better… oh well… maybe one day.







Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I’ve just put waaaaay too much time into this series to not finish it. I read all but the last book (which I’ve even purchased). The problem was that each book just got more and more boring & War Storm is a giant of a book so I’m not sure I have it in me to dive in. Especially when I’m pretty sure I’m going to be disappointed.





The Great Library by Rachel Caine

I just fell behind on this one. I loved Ink and Bone and then I just never got to the second one. The fourth comes out this summer (with a 5th announced & some novellas on top of it). I just don’t know if I can find the time right now…. 😦







Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel

I read Sleeping Giants back when it was first released and really like it! I just never got around to the other two. Especially with the third book just recently being released, this is back on my radar. But, I just don’t think it is going to happen in the foreseeable






Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

This was not the most original concept but I enjoyed the book enough that I was planning on reading the sequel… Really, I was…






Series I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Just Given Up On

No explanation necessary past that I just did not get into the first books of these series so I have little to no interest in continuing.

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What about you? Are there any series out there that you have given up on? Are there any series that you think I should reconsider??


26 thoughts on “Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Have Immediate Plans to Finish

  1. I wasn’t in love with Caraval, but everyone is loving Legendary. If it’s good I’ll let you know and it might be one to reconsider??

    I’ve heard good things about Sleeping Giants and then mixed reviews of Only Human, so not sure if I want to try that series yet only to be disappointed later lol!

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    1. Yes. Please let me know about Legendary. I didn’t hate Caraval – I think I was just let down because I had been hearing RAVES about it & I only thought it was okay.

      We’ll see about Sleeping Giants… the books themselves are soo pretty!! LOL. I know that isn’t what should matter but it always helps, right? 😀


  2. I have the same feelings about the Red Queen series. I want to finish it, I read the others but that last book is just so long and I didn’t particularly enjoy the third one either. I do recommend that you keep going with the Great Library. I just finished book four and just loved it! They are much shorter reads than the Red Queen books too.

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  3. Don’t do it!!! Just look up how the Red Queen series ends. lol! I read Caraval about two months ago and I liked it. I had no expectations and didn’t really know the hype around it. Thanks to my 2 year reading hiatus! I have Legendary but have not read it. I have heard good things, so I hope I like it!

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  5. I gave up on Red Queen. I ended up reading the first 3 and I honestly barley remember what happened in any of them. I also wasn’t a huge fan of 2 and 3. I don’t know why I even read the third one. I have no interest in picking it up. I am a little curious who Mare ends up with though. Also sad to see Sleeping Giants on here. I haven’t read the series but I’ve heard good things about it. I recently picked it up this year. I want to listen to the audio for it.

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