Books By Some Of My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read… Yet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is currently hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

We’ve all been there…. Either an anticipated read comes and goes at the same time you’re trying to tame your ginormous TBR pile or you fall in love with a new book by a new-to-you author and you immediately have to go back and put all their previous works on hold at the library…

Here are 10 books by some of my favorite authors that I still haven’t read…35340667 20821111 2331076317312156  34076952 26032825 36010223 18811623 37677977 22896

One day… ❤ Happy Reading ❤


35 thoughts on “Books By Some Of My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read… Yet

  1. I picked up Language of Thorns solely because of the cover (AND because my local B&N had signed copies!), without having read any of her other books. I. LOVE. THESE. RETELLINGS. I’ve always had a soft spot for fairy tale retellings, and when they’re good, they’re GREAT. And these are wonderful. So put that one on your list to read first 😛

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      1. LOL!! That’s a long short list. haha. I hear you though. I had all these books on my short list and I haven’t gotten to them yet. Yes, October can be a catch up month! Great plan!!

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    1. Isn’t it strange that’s the one I’ve skipped?? I looked & I’ve literally read ALL of her novels except that one (even the Practical Magic follow-up). I don’t know… I really love the movie so maybe I’m afraid the book won’t be as good??


  2. The ones on here that I’ve read I’ve really enjoyed – The Language of Thorns, The Cruel Prince and Practical Magic all got 4 stars from me if I remember correctly. I really enjoyed them and think that you should bump them up your list, if you’re taking votes that is 😉

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