A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

I wasn’t stupid enough to believe that though the war had ended, all wounds had been healed.

I am a huge fan of Sarah J. Maas so believe me when I say that no one is more sorry than me to admit that I just didn’t love A Court of Frost and Starlight. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it just didn’t really blow me away like it seemed to do for so many others.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think the novella was bad by any means. I was super happy to go back to Velaris. I love that Feyre and Rhys are happy and building lives separate from the stress and pressures of war, but this book was just all together too domestic. It was… boring.

There was FAR too much unnecessary & detailed exposition from the earlier books. No one really did anything except shop, drink too much and talk about sex & the main conflict seemed to be whether or not Nesta was going to show up for Solstice. And while I LOVE Feyre and Rhys – they were actually borderline nauseating.

I’d filled pages and pages of my sketchbook with him… And enough of his naked, beautiful body that I knew I’d never share this sketchbook with anyone but him. Rhys had indeed hummed his approval when he’d leafed through my work, smirking at the accuracy of my drawings regarding certain areas if his body.


When I reached the end of the book, I couldn’t figure out what it was just didn’t grab me about ACOFAS. I certainly enjoyed reading it but I did not love it. And then I turned the page and started reading the preview of Maas’ next book. And I was hooked – IMMEDIATELY. There it was! There was that drama, conflict, and tension that Maas is so excellent at that had been missing from the entire novella I had just read. That’s the book I want to read!!

3.5 Spades

3.5 spades


4 thoughts on “A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

  1. I felt the same about ACOFAS :/ I haven’t read the preview yet, because honestly, at the time, I would’ve went berserk if the preview has been a more thrilling read than ACOFAS ^_^

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