Royals – Rachel Hawkins

“This is a bonkers world your sister has entered, and you can’t stay out of it because she’s family. Even when you’re here, even when things seem normal, they never really will be. But you …. you can stay as normal as you want, my Daisy Mae. So long as you remember that all that matters is the truth as you know it, and as the ones who love you know it.”

Daisy Winters is a regular seventeen year old girl – sort of. She goes to high school, has somewhat questionable taste in young men, and dons an apron working the cash register at the local Sur-N-Sav. There is just one huge difference between her and her classmates – her sister just got engaged to the heir to the Scottish throne. Suddenly her summer is thrown way off when she is forced to visit Scotland and get to know her sister’s new family. Paparazzi, tabloids & reckless royalty become her new norm as she tries to adjust to being in the spotlight.

This book has been getting a lot of attention of late – I think particularly in lieu of a certain real royal wedding that is scheduled for this weekend 🙂 What good timing to piggy back off of the royal madness that has been sweeping the world.

If I was going to sum this book up in one word it would be this: cute. I’ve read my fair share of contemporary young adult fiction but this one seemed even a bit more juvenile than most. It was a quick read (that was nice) and for the most part I enjoyed myself, but I am clearly ages above the desired audience.

The thing that bothered me most about Royals was the tabloid journalism. I found it sexist and ridiculous that Daisy could not even stand next to her future brother-in-law, seventeen year old Prince Sebastian (is Sebastian even a Scottish name??), without the tabloids and internet immediately jumping to the conclusion that they were sleeping together. It was ridiculous that whom-ever Daisy literally stood next to in public to was her latest conquest. Also, these issues seemed to be Daisy’s problem alone – and not that of the Prince or the rest of the royal family. I hated that the adults in this novel kept jumping down Daisy’s throat and expecting her to jump through hoops to “fix” a situation they literally forced her into.

Unfortunately, I found the character growth – particularly that of Sebastian and Ellie (Daisy’s sister) either rushed or completely lacking. Daisy was really the only character I didn’t find issue with. She was funny and quippy and genuinely tried to remain true to herself while navigating the madness around her.

“I know everyone here is breathing rarefied air and stuff, but in the real world, no one pretends to date someone. I mean, unless it’s making up a fake boyfriend so your friends at camp don’t think you’re a total loser, that’s a thing….”

So I wouldn’t rush out and buy this, but if you see it at the library and you’re interested in a mindless couple hours of fluff – then go for it. It was a fun dose of royal fever but that’s about it.

3 Spades

3 spades


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